Book Marketing Chats

#BookMarketingChat is a weekly discussion, bringing in some of the best marketing minds in the book marketing space. Leveraging the TwitterSpaces chat for an audio-only conversation, BookMarketingChat has helped thousands of authors learn to market their books! 

Come join us weekly, on Wednesdays at 11 am PST. 

Upcoming Book Marketing Chats

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July 26th - Author Interview & Giveaway

August 2nd - Open Book Marketing Q&A

August 9th - Book marketing, writing, conferences

Past Book Marketing Chats

July 12th - Writing historical fiction

July 5th - Author Interview with @VennieKocsis

June 28th - One Landing Page for All Books

Book Marketing Chat June 28th

June 21st - Writing A Memoir

Book Marketing Chat June 14

June 14th - Ask us anything about book marketing, socials, writing

June 7th - Marketing a memoir on grief

Book Marketing Chat - June 7

May 31st - Ask us anything about book marketing, socials, writing

May 24th - Book Marketing Q & A

May 17th - Writing About Trauma - Pt 2

May 10th - BadRedHead Media Open Q&A

May 3rd - Getting A Tedx Talk

April 26th - Tall Poppy Contest and who they are

April 12th - Andrew D Kaufman

April 5th - AI Tools for Authors

March 29 - Author Interview – On Grief

March 22 - Book Marketing, Social Media, Writing, and More!

March 15th – Author Website Tips

March 8th – Writing Memoir

March 1 - Let’s Talk Money!

Join Rachel Thompson of BadRedHeadMedia and Jim Katzaman of Largo Financial Services, as they discuss everyones favorite topic… Money! Expect them to cover anything from finances as an author to investing with retirement in mind.

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February 22

(Wednesday @ 11 am PDT/ 2 PM EDT)

Join memoir author and expert Katie Bannon (@katiedbannon) along with host Rachel Thompson (@RachelintheOC) of BadRedhead Media (@BadRedheadMedia) 

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February 1

(Wednesday @ 11 AM PDT / 2 PM EDT)

Join Agent of the Year 2021 (ACFW) Terrie Wolf (@AKA_Terrie) along with host Rachel Thompson (@RachelintheOC) of Bad Redhead Media (@BadRedheadMedia) dig deep into the related topics of Proposals and Queries.

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