The Booklinker blog is open for guest contributors! After launching the blog in October 2022, we’re looking for passionate authors who want to share their knowledge with our audience of tens of thousands of indie publishers and authors.

If this sounds interesting to you, please read on!

How it Works

After agreeing on an article (potential topics listed below), the Booklinker team will create an outline based on SEO research.

Once the outline draft is complete, it will be sent to our guest author for revisions.

From there, a call will be scheduled to go over the outline headings and bullet points in a discussion format. The call will be recorded.

After the call, a Booklinker team member will play back and transcribe the recording into a blog draft, where the guest author can provide another round of feedback.

Once revisions are finalized, the post will be published for our audience to read.

Topics of Interest

Listed below are the topics we are actively looking for, but we also appreciate you sharing what other relevant idea you think might be helpful to indie authors and publishers.

  • Book Marketing
  • Book Writing Guides
  • Booklinker Product Guides & Tips
  • Author Stories
  • Book Industry News
  • Author Case Studies

Post Requirements

  • Subject Matter Expertise – We want our contributors to be an expert on the topic you’re covering. Our goal is for each piece of content to be the best of its kind.
  • Cover a New Topic – If a topic has been covered already on the blog, we want to avoid making a second post. To check for this, search “” on Google followed by your keyword(s), to see if the topic has been covered already.
  • Original Content – We’re looking for original content only. Rewording the top-ranking articles, will not work.
  • Quality Standards – If we decide a submission is not up to our quality standards, we’ll provide feedback and work together in order to get it there.
  • Plagiarism Free – No plagiarism will be tolerated, and all articles will be checked for it.
  • Proper Crediting – All data, statistics, and quotes must be properly attributed and credited to the original source.
  • Include a Headshot, Biography, and Social Links – Be sure to include a headshot photo of you, a short 2-3 sentence biography, and links to your social channels.

SEO Guidelines

  • Internal & External links – Keep an eye out for internal link opportunities, as well as contextual external links to authoritative sites.
  • Backlink Policy – Only two links to your website per post are allowed. A contextual link inside the body, and another in the author’s bio. Any posts we deem to be a link-building scheme will be tossed out.
  • Word Count – We don’t have a set word count for guest contributions. Based on the SEO research we conduct, we will provide a range that will give you the opportunity to cover the topic fully.
  • Visual Elements – We will generate visual elements and graphics as we see fit for the post. Provide suggestions of where and what to put in the article. If you are including any pictures, make sure they are compressed, attributed, royalty-free, and can be used for commercial purposes.
  • Headers – Please Use H2s, and H3s in a nested structure when covering a topic.
  • Paragraph Formatting – Keep paragraphs to five sentences maximum to ensure good readability.

Benefits of Contributing

  • Backlinks – Backlinks are one of the most powerful search engine ranking signals and can be a key driver of traffic to your website. Especially when coming from the Booklinker and Geniuslink brands that are very authoritative, and will continue to grow their authority over time.
  • Ranking on Search Engines – Posting on the Booklinker Blog has the potential to reach many thousands of authors that search for topics via search engines
  • Direct Traffic – Posts on the Booklinker Blog will receive direct traffic from the intro, body, and bio links inside of the post.
  • Email Blast to Booklinker List – The blog post will be sent in a roundup to the Booklinker email list, with over 21,000 members.

Pitching Guest Articles

After reading all of the above guidelines, if you are interested and qualified to write an article on one of the suggested topics, please reach out to help @ in order to explore opportunities.

We look forward to hearing from you, please be sure to include at least a few different topics you feel comfortable writing about and have the qualifications and expertise to write about.