• Danika Bloom

    Danika Bloom is a career writer whose passion, pluck and perseverance have put her on the publishing map in the small town of romance literature. Like the town's friendly librarian, she is always there for her fellow authors, offering them the kind of support and guidance that only comes from decades of experience. Her knowledge of the industry is like the town's trusted old oak tree, a steady presence that provides shelter and comfort to those seeking refuge from the stormy seas of publishing. Danika's warmth and generosity are like a slice of homemade apple pie, bringing people together and creating a sense of community in the often-isolated world of writing. When she’s not crafting clever ways for heroes and heroines to meet, or connecting with writers in her romance author community, Author Ever After, you’ll find Danika over-indulging in matcha and amusing herself writing metaphor-heavy, third-person bios.