• Sanath Nair

    Sanath Nair is a Sales and Marketing professional of considerable repute, with an impressive career spanning more than two decades. His formidable academic credentials of a Bachelor of Engineering in Production and a Master's degree in International Business have made him invaluable to some of the biggest names in the business. Outside of his work, Sanath has found great success in writing as well. Through Fresher Blog, he masterfully expresses tips and experiences on career, personal finance, and health & wellness for students. His content is captivating, his intelligence immediately apparent, and his attention to detail truly remarkable. Not only does Sanath use writing as an outlet for creativity, but he has also written a book entitled "Corporate Transition: An Essential Guide for Academic Graduates". This book provides readers with inspiring stories and real-life examples that are sure to fuel success in the corporate world. His unique talent for breaking down complex ideas into digestible pieces makes it all the more informative and enjoyable.