Boosting Your Book: Top Book Promotion Services for Authors


Book promotion services are a significant tool in any author’s book marketing strategy, regardless of whether they are self-published or traditionally published.

These services may include a coordinated marketing campaign, press releases, or social media promotion, all geared towards generating buzz and ultimately, driving sales at the crucial release stage.

Promotion services come in many different forms, most commonly via newsletter servicesbook review servicesgroup promotion services, and book launch services.

In this article, we’ll cover all the different types of book promotion services in-depth, as well as some of the best options for each for you to pick from.

If we missed any that you recommend please drop us a comment to let us know about them. 

We are always looking for new systems that help authors reach their book sales goals!

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Newsletter Promotion Services


Newsletter promotion services are one of the more powerful book promotion methods, as they allow authors to share updates about their books, news, or upcoming events directly with their readers, thereby creating a loyal reader base.

These services distribute email newsletters to an extensive network of subscribers who have shown interest in discovering new books, effectively connecting authors with potential readers.

Authors, especially independent ones, find these services invaluable for reaching a larger, often genre-specific audience that can be challenging to access otherwise. 

When selecting a newsletter promotion service, authors should consider several factors:

Best Book Newsletter Promotion Services

  1. BookBub: Founded in 2012, BookBub is a popular service that sends daily emails to millions of readers about discounted books in genres they’re interested in.
  2. The Fussy Librarian: Launched in 2013, it offers daily newsletter promotions to readers who have specified their genre and content preferences.
  3. CraveBooks – Founded in 2020, CraveBooks offers list-building giveaways, over 20 daily deal lists for newsletter promotions and 3 membership levels (including free).
  4. Bargain Booksy: Since 2012, this service has sent daily emails to readers about discounted books.
  5. Robin Reads: Founded in 2015, Robin Reads emails subscribers daily with curated book deals.
  6. ManyBooks: Started in 2004, it offers a daily newsletter promotion service, targeting readers in specific genres.
  7. BookSends: Operating since 2012, BookSends connects authors with interested readers through daily emails.
  8. Ereader News Today: Operating since 2010, it provides daily emails with book deals and author promotions.
  9. FreeBooksy: Launched in 2012, it helps authors promote their free book to over 300,000 registered readers.
  10. BookRunes: Founded in 2016, BookRunes offers daily emails with curated book deals for readers worldwide.
  11. Reading Deals: Since 2014, Reading Deals offers newsletter promotion services to promote both discounted and regular-priced books.

Book Review Services

Kirkus Reviews

Book review services are vital in providing credibility and attracting potential readers.

A substantial number of positive book reviews can significantly influence a book’s sales, as they often serve as a form of social proof that indicates the book’s quality and relevance.

They also carry a lot of weight in online bookstores organic search algorithms.

These services provide professional, unbiased reviews that can be crucial in influencing potential readers’ purchasing decisions.

A well-written review can highlight the strengths of a book and generate buzz, making it more appealing to potential readers.

When selecting a book review service, authors should consider several important factors:

  • The reputation of the service
  • The reach of the review service
  • The turnaround time for reviews
  • The cost of the service and ensure it aligns with their budget

It’s important to note that while a positive review can boost a book’s appeal, authors should be prepared for constructive criticism, which can also be beneficial for their writing growth.

Pro Book Review Services

  1. Kirkus Reviews: Since 1933, Kirkus has been one of the most trusted and authoritative voices in book discovery.
  2. Publishers Weekly: Established in 2014, they offer a competitive arena for self-published authors, along with critical assessment of their work.
  3. Self-Publishing Review: Since 2008, SPR offers professional book reviews and book marketing services.
  4. IndieReader: Since 2009, it offers professional book reviews, aiming to give self-published authors access to people who can make a difference in their book’s success.
  5. BlueInk Review: Operating since 2011, it provides professional book reviews for self-published authors.
  6. NetGalley: Operating since 2008, NetGalley connects authors with potential reviewers, media, librarians, booksellers, and educators.

Best Book Review Services

  1. BookSprout: Launched in 2017, Book Sprout offers a platform for authors to work together to promote each other’s books through ARC sharing and group promotions.
  2. BookSirens: Founded in 2018, BookSirens sends your book to interested reviewers who are likely to enjoy it.
  3. Nonstop Reviews: EST. in 2022, Nonstop Review provides Guaranteed Amazon & Audible Reviews and ARC fan base marketing for Indy authors and publishers. 
  4. OnlineBookClub: Since 2006, it offers authors a platform to get their books reviewed and promoted.
  5. Readers’ Favorite: Since 2009, Readers’ Favorite provides free book reviews for authors.
  6. Foreword Reviews: Operating since 1998, it specializes in reviews of books from small, independent publishers and self-published authors.

Booklinker Collections

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Group Promotion Services for Authors

Group promotion services offer authors the chance to collaborate with other authors to cross-promote their works, maximizing reach and potential sales.

This shared promotion can be especially beneficial for independent authors who may lack the resources of a traditional publishing house.

When choosing a book group promotion service, authors should consider:

  • The size and genre preferences of the other authors involved
  • The credibility and reputation of the service
  • Success rates of past promotions
  • The ease of collaboration
  • Communication tools offered
  • The cost of participation and potential ROI
  • What promotional strategies are used

Ultimately, the best book group promotion services are those that can effectively amplify an author’s work, align with their genre and audience, and provide a supportive and cooperative environment.

Best Book Group Promotion Services

  1. eBookFairs: Established in 2021, eBookFairs offers authors a platform to facilitate online book fairs where authors can easily cross promote their books. The platform itself also sponsors giveaways which help the authors in the fairs build their email lists.
  2. BookFunnel: Established in 2015, Book Funnel provides a platform for authors to share their work and gain visibility through joint promotions and group giveaways.
  3. Prolific Works: Prolific Works (formerly Instafreebie), founded in 2014, allows authors to share free copies of their books in group giveaways, thereby cross-promoting with other authors.
  4. StoryOrigin: Launched in 2018, StoryOrigin offers a platform for authors to organize and participate in group promotions and newsletter swaps.
  5. MyBookCave: Founded in 2015, Book Cave offers group promotions, allowing authors to collaborate and cross-promote their discounted or free books.
  6. AuthorShout: Established in 2013, Author Shout provides a platform for authors to promote their work through book trailers and cover wars, often involving author collaborations.
  7. AuthorsXP: Founded in 2017, AuthorsXP has something for everyone, including opportunities to join forces in group promotions for both sales and newsletter list building.
  8. BookCircle: Established in 2018, Book Circle is a platform where authors can join and promote their books with other authors, creating a wider reach for everyone involved.
  9. BookHub: Founded in 2012, Book Hub is a community where authors can promote their books, join author groups, and participate in cross-promotion.

Book Launch Services

Book Launch

Authors use book launch services to effectively introduce their new books to the market, generate buzz, and drive initial sales.

These services leverage various and promotional strategies, including press releases, social media campaigns, book tours, and more to ensure a successful book launch.

A well-orchestrated launch can significantly increase the visibility of a book, helping it to stand out in a competitive market and potentially reach bestseller status.

When selecting a book launch service, authors should consider several factors:

  • The service’s reputation and track record of successful launches
  • The scope of services offered
  • The service’s understanding of their target audience and genre.
  • The pricing structure, understand what services are included in the package and whether additional costs may arise
  • Level of transparency in communication

Best Book Launch Services

  1. BookLaunch: Established in 2014, Book Launch offers an all-in-one platform for authors to create stunning book landing pages to effectively sell their books.
  2. Smith Publicity: Since 1997, Smith Publicity provides comprehensive book marketing and publicity services for authors, promoting books across various platforms.
  3. Author Marketing Experts: Founded in 2000, AME provides strategic book marketing and promotional services, including customized book launch campaigns.
  4. TCK Publishing: Established in 2011, TCK Publishing is a full-service independent publishing company that offers detailed launch plans and promotional strategies for authors.
  5. BookBaby: Since 2011, BookBaby offers a suite of professional marketing services specifically tailored for book promotion during the launch phase.
  6. Written Word Media: Founded in 2014, Written Word Media provides tailored promotional services aimed at launching books and achieving bestseller status.
  7. BooksGoSocial: Established in 2013, BooksGoSocial offers a comprehensive book launch service, including promotion to their extensive reader community.
  8. JKS Communications: Founded in 2000, JKS Communications is a literary publicity firm that offers comprehensive book launch services.
  9. Launched in 2016, offers SEO and PR services tailored to authors for book launches, including press releases and promotional strategies.

Booklinker Collections

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  • Kenney Myers

    Kenney Myers is the author of the Jon Bragg Norse myth series and the founder of, a book promotion service that helps connect authors and readers through online book fairs. As a self-published author, Myers knows the challenges that first-time authors face when they set out to market their books and feels that one of the best ways to find success is through teaming up with other authors through online book fairs.

  • Kenney Myers

    Kenney Myers is the author of the Jon Bragg Norse myth series and the founder of, a book promotion service that helps connect authors and readers through online book fairs. As a self-published author, Myers knows the challenges that first-time authors face when they set out to market their books and feels that one of the best ways to find success is through teaming up with other authors through online book fairs.

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